Welcome to Total Physio

Our mission is to provide you with physiotherapy services of the highest quality standards and treat every patient as a unique individual at all times.

Physiotherapy involves helping you to restore movement and function which could be lost due to injury, ageing or disease. Your physiotherapist will assess your problem and then treat it with evidence based techniques. This may consist of manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue massage, stretches, education and exercises.

Sadesh Natali - Director

We can help you with

  •   Knee Injuries
  •   Ankle Sprains   
  •   Joint Pain and Stiffness   
  •   Muscle Strains   
  •   Rehabilitation before and after surgery   
  •   Sports Injuries   
  •   Back and Neck Pain   
  •   Headaches   
  •   Occupational Injuries/OOS   
  •   Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injuries

No referral is required to see us. However if you do have a referral from your GP, surgeon, hospital or other health provider, then please do call us to book an appointment.

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